Straight & Arrow

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Straight & Arrow is a screen printing studio based in Gippsland, Australia. It was created in 2012 in response to the mounting issues faced by the clothing industry, namely the ethical infractions and the environmental issues it contributes to, that Straight & Arrow's founder was being exposed to during his PhD research.

With his PhD completed, Bryce Magnuson now incorporates his expertise in the marketing of ethical clothing with the screen printing process to provide people with an ethical clothing option. The result is smaller runs of clothing that are high quality, hand-printed and made to last. Simply put? It's made better. 

Straight & Arrow also provides screen printing for businesses, community groups and people looking for a custom, bespoke item. For more information about these services, a quote or inquiries about wholesale orders, Bryce can be reached through the contact section of the online shop or at

For more information regarding the research into ethical clothing, Bryce has also co-authored a number of articles, including:

For a look into the Straight & Arrow workshop, photographer Andrew Northover shot Bryce in action on film in his Gippsland-based workshop. The resulting shots can be viewed here.